Cuccio Powder Polish – Step 1 – Primer

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The coloured dip powders offered in dip systems are specifically blended with pigmentation, allowing nail techs endless opportunities to get creative and mix colours of the client’s choice.

Fast and easy application step by step:

Start by performing a Dry Manicure

After Manicure is completed apply step 1 Primer to all 10 nails.

Use step 2 Nail Base & Top Gel to use as a base coat, and then dip into colour powder of your choice.

Step 3. Layering gel dip applies over the powdered nail and re-dip in to the same colour (working one finger at a time). Repeat this step. If you need to file to smooth the surface or finish file do so before applying step 4, using the grit file.

Step 4 Nail Base & Top Gel as the final Top Gel Coat and apply Step 5 over the top gel coat to cure the gel and create a shiny finish.

Step 6. Brush Cleaner is used to clean the nail brushes between and during applications. After each two-nail applications it is best to clean the brush well with a clean paper towel and Brush Cleaner Solution.

Finish with Milk & Honey Cuticle oil.


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